USB 2.0 Ingest Module

K ey F eatures

·  Easy to install

·  Easily replaceable

·  Portable

·  Plug—and—Play on Laptops

·  Support data ingestion from both L and X band Satellites

The USB Ingest module version 2.0 can be used to ingest satellite data received from both L and X band satellites and transfer the satellite data to any personal computer.

Most conventional ingest card requires the ISA slot. As ISA slots are diminishing from the market and with the availability of built in USB ports on new computers, Lexical has designed its ingest module using the USB Ver 2.0 standard.

With the USB interface, users are no longer limited to the desktop PCs to receive satellite data. The ingest module can be plugged into any laptop computer to receive the same information. This provides greater ease and convenience.

By the year 2008, all Meteorological Satellites will be transmitting within the X band frequency range. Data bit rate for X band is higher than L band. At this higher bit rate, the newly designed USB Ingest Ver 2.0 based on the High Speed USB (USB Ver 2.0) is capable of meeting the requirements for X band satellites.

USB 2.0 Ingest Module

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