Lexical Technology Pte Ltd

Your Partner In Remote Sensing Solutions.


What is Lexical Technology Pte Ltd?

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What are the services provided by the company?

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What are the products offered by Lexical?

Lexical offers both hardware and software products associated with remote sensing via satellite platform. The company produces her own products and at the same time, it is the authorized distributor of " Quorum Communications, Inc " and " COROBOR Systemes " products in this region.


What are the satellites supported?

Both geostationary and polar orbiting satellites are supported. These, currently, includes GMS-5, GOES 9, FY2, FY1, NOAA, TERRA, AQUA.

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I have an existing system in place but I need to receive another satellite’s data, can my existing system be upgraded instead of having to buy a complete new system?

Yes. Lexical provides onsite evaluation of customer’s existing system and since our products are highly versatile and customizable, we will be able to build on your existing system, i.e. there is no need to buy a complete system when only part of the system needs to be changed, offering you the most cost effective and efficient solution.


Can the software be customized to my needs?

Yes. We have served several customers with customized software that meets all their special requirements.


Do you have a means for me to provide feedback?

Yes. Help us serve you better by filling up the survey form! Simply download the form, complete it and email back to us!

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